"She doesn't know whether it came from God, or a past life. But she's certain of this:
"It came with me. And it's the reason I'm here."

-Author Unknown

My love of art started at a very early age. The determination to be a self-employed artist has taken me down many different paths from sign painting to illustration and design. I've traveled the country painting restaurant murals and graphics and have had the priviledge of painting murals and decorative art in some of the finest homes in my area of Florida. My interest in decorating has been very helpful in creating art for each specific environment. Many techniques I've used over the years have spilled into my fine art pieces, especially my textured backgrounds.

Although I work in acrylics, watercolors, and inks, my favorite medium is oil. I like to build rich transparent layers of color with the final details rendered in visible brush strokes. There seem to be recurring subjects that spark my imagination, such as
• the moment when you see the soul of an animal through their tender eyes
• that strange other-worldy yellow/gold glow that illuminates the world just before a storm
• facinating shapes and colors of tropical foliage and exotic birds
• human-like characteristics of beautiful fruits and vegetables

I like to plan each painting starting with a small "thumbnail " sketch to work out the composition.

Occasionally, I will include this sketch in the finished painting next to my signature. I enjoy each stage of the painting process, watching it come to life.


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