"Air Show"
Size: 30"x 16"


"Alonso Residence"


"Breakfast at Taylor Park"
Size: 24"x 48"

"Bromeliads of Little Gasparilla Island"
Size: 22"x 28"


Size: 24"x 36"

"Coconut Paradise"
Size: 28"x 22"

Size: 36"x 64"


"Croton II"
Size: 30"x 24"

"Exotic Wasp"
Size: 34"x 49"


Size: 12"x 24"


"Fishing at Three Rooker"
Size: 18"x 24"



"Golden Gate"

"Happy Hour"
Size: 11"x 14"


"Largo Hotel"

"Maya Has Blue Paint on Her Foot"
Size: 24"x 36"

"Time Constriction"
Size: 22"x 28"


Size: 16"x 20"

Size: 12"x 24"

"Pier 60"
Size: 40"x 30"


"Chorus Line of Peppers"
Size: 84"x 27"

"Ramada Dream"
Size: 36"x 48"


"Three Peppers"
Size: 14"x 14"

"Rubber Tree Plant"
Size: 36"x 48"

"Reddington Long Pier"
Size: 30"x 40"

"Neighborhood Ibis"
Size: 48"x 24"

"Tropical Mangos"
Size: 12"x 24"






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